Survival Kit Australia

Welcome to the Survival Centre, an Australian-based company supplying high quality
survival kit products to assist you and your family in preparing for unexpected natural disasters
and catastrophic events.

As we all know, the occurrence of bushfires, floods, cyclones and other natural and man-made disasters have unfortunately significantly increased over recent years, with devastating results for many people and communities. Whilst we may not be able to prevent or foresee the occurrence of these catastrophic events, we can take measures to reduce their devastating impact on your family. Our Survival Kit products are specifically designed to provide you and your family with a greater sense of security and chance survival should a disastrous event strike your region.

Our highly valued survival kit products have been developed using advice from emergency preparedness experts and contain potentially life-saving products to assist you in high-risk emergencies. 

Our ‘Grab and Go’ survival kits include products such as:-

  • Food and water rations with an extensive shelf-life, to reduce the need to replace consumables
  • Lights and communication products to help you keep updated on news, emergency updates and the outside world generally
  • Shelter and warmth products to increase your level of comfort and protection in the harshest environments
  • Tools to assist with a variety of requirements
  •  Hygiene and sanitation products to reduce the risk of infection and maintain a level of dignity
  •  First aid kits to manage minor wounds and abrasions
  •  Our compact, high-quality backpacks can easily be stored in cars, boats, 4WD's, light aircraft, helicopters, homes, the office etc.

We think our kits are so good that we offer you a 100%  - 90 day money back unconditional guarantee, if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return it for a full refund.

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What our customers have to say:

Francis Roberts, Brisbane Queensland: "I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality and value of your survival kits, they really are a fantastic product. Thank you!!!!"